The Interdisciplinary Research Group in Socialisation, education and training (GIRSEF) based in the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), offers four doctoral fellowships in the context of a four-years research project : “Living together in an uncertain world. What role for the School?”. The project is coordinated by Prof. Eric Mangez in a team made of six PIs:

  • Pr. Mathieu Bouhon
  • Pr. Hugues Draelants
  • Pr. Xavier Dumay
  • Pr. Vincent Dupriez
  • Pr. Eric Mangez
  • Pr. Marie Verhoeven

This collective and interdisciplinary questions the role of norms and values in contemporary education. More precisely the project aims to put back at the center of the analysis the role of the school in the construction of people’s relation to others and to the collectivity. Such reflection seems urgent at a time when the debates to which terrorist attacks have given rise “have put the spotlight on the role schools should play in the civic and moral education of the whole population, in particular by creating a spirit of openness, critique and defense of liberties” and also in “combating radicalization [and] facile amalgams”.

Very little is currently known about how the educational landscape is being reconfigured and about the diversity of experiences that an increasingly fragmented system offers its pupils. In the framework of our project, we start out from the proposition that the normative indeterminacy that is developing produces different effects at different levels: that of educational systems (Axis 1), that of organisations (Axis 2), and that of the actors in the socialisation process (teachers (Axis 3a) and pupils (Axis 3b)). At each of these levels, processes that are indissociably cognitive and normative, but of different natures, are at work with a view to re-establishing references for education and socialisation.

Four doctoral theses, in sociology and sciences of education, will be written in the framework of this project. Each thesis will be linked to one of the four axis (axis 1, axis 2, axis 3a, axis 3b).

The full description of the project will be sent to the candidates upon request: please send an email to Dominique Demey.

The PhD fellows will be employed for 48 months full-time, ideally starting on October the 1st 2017, and by the end of this period they will have to submit a PhD dissertation linked to their specific research axis.

Applications should be sent to Pr. Eric Mangez before June 16th, 2017.

Please find the specific requirements for each position as well as details on the submission requirements here.


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