Conference date: 23 - 24 February 2017
Submission deadline: 10 July 2016
University of Hildesheim

The discussion around networks has become increasingly relevant for social and educational sciences over the last 20 years. The shift towards networks is regarded as paradigmatic for our present age. Networks become increasingly important in many thematic fields such as interorganizational cooperation, multi-stakeholder processes and multi-layered governance of schools, universities and the region as well as regarding the relationship between life world and network. The term „network“ seems to become a byword for political, economic and social innovation strategies.

In organizational education research and practice a network is not only considered as social entity but also as organizing process. Both perspectives focus on the communication and the coordination between individuals, divisions, teams, groups or whole organizations. Besides, the term “network“ is used as an analytical tool in organizational education. Especially, the relational perspective of social network analysis rises interesting questions for theory, research, pedagogical practice and intervention in organizations.

The annual conference opens up the possibility to discuss theoretical concepts and empirical research on the topic of organization and networks.

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