Annual Report 2016, Dublin

ECER2016 has been an inspiring conference. Paper sessions as well as symposia were well-organized and attended. Similar to last year we produced a flyer which points to the issues discussed in this network and to other network events during the ECER. Symposia were organized around themes such as "Enhancing curriculum design capacities within schools", "Curriculum and student performance measurement" and "Leading schools into embracing LGBTQ reality in curriculum  and practice". Moreover, also joint sessions were held on the theme of "Bridging educational leadership and curriculum theory/didaktik".

Next to academic dialogues, ECER was also succesful from a social point of view. New this year has been the network dinner on Thursday evening, which was a great pleasure. Participants tend to feel 'at home' in the network and keep coming back. Discussions are becoming more substantial and to the point.

Also for the future, symposia will be very much welcomed . These symposia have proven to be an effective way of creating high quality sessions and assisting in community building. Moreover, EERA is stimulating the creation of joint sessions with other networks to increase coherence. Network 3 will work on that and when relevant will continue to stimulate it.