Network Objectives

The network Research on Arts Education focuses on the disciplinary discourses, politics, institutional and non-institutional practices of arts education at an international level with a special emphasis on European practices. The Network 29 aims to create an ongoing space of research seeking  to create alternative narratives that are based on a reflexive and critical positioning regarding the potential of arts education in within the contexts of contemporaneity. It provides a forum for discussion and debate of current issues regarding the place and the role of arts in education considering its historical construction and field of possibilities. The network encourages papers/interventions/discussions that describe and provide theoretical frameworks for

  1. the broad field of European policies on art education;
  2. comparative and international studies in art education;
  3. seeking for new narratives that take the European perspectives in confrontation with the concepts of difference and the Other;
  4. partnerships between the school, museums, and cultural institutions;
  5. relationships among contemporary artistic practices and their actors with the school;
  6. research in higher arts education;
  7. art education national curricula and their development at the micro-level of schools;
  8. inscription of Visual Culture within Arts Education Research.


  • research on arts education;
  • comparative and international studies on arts education;
  • policies and curricula on arts education; arts based research;
  • arts based pedagogy;
  • philosophy of the arts and education;
  • higher arts education;
  • arts education history