ECER 2018 - Special Call for Papers

This special call aims to provide a forum for developing and exchanging knowledge in educational research focused on reducing educational and social exclusion in schools and communities through family involvement. We are looking for contributions focused on the study of theories, policies and practices that foster educational opportunity for the most disadvantaged children and youth. Contributions could be centered on two foci: a) research-based knowledge to reduce the socio-educative exclusion affecting the most disadvantaged children and youth; b) studies that show a positive impact of family involvement on academic, social and emotional development of the most disadvantaged students.

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  • Rural schooling;
  • Urban schooling;
  • Place based and place conscious education;
  • Educational trajectories and transitions;
  • School-family-community links;
  • Parental and familial involvement in schools;
  • Family Education;
  • Evidence-Based Programs;
  • Positive Parenting