General Activities

Joana Lúcio was hosted by the University of Barcelona's CREA - Community of Researchers on Excellence for All (of which convenors Aitor Gomez and Rocío García Carrión are members) for a period of intensive training in Critical Communicative Methodology and the "Schools as Learning Communities" initiative, between October 17th and October 23rd 2016.

Future Plans

Convenors Joana Lúcio, Robyn Henderson and Karen Noble are currently working on a publication resulting from the contributions featured in the thematic sessions hosted by NW14 at ECER2016, following the network's special call on "Rural Schools as Hubs for the Socio-Educational Development of the Community". The possibility of publishing within the Australian and International Journal of Rural Education (AIJRE) is being actively pursued, although other possibilities are also under consideration.


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  • Rural schooling;
  • Urban schooling;
  • Place based and place conscious education;
  • Educational trajectories and transitions;
  • School-family-community links;
  • Parental and familial involvement in schools;
  • Family Education;
  • Evidence-Based Programs;
  • Positive Parenting