General Activities

NW14 applied for the Honorary Membership for the founding members of NW14 Linda Hargreaves and Rune Kvaldsund. They were both awarded Honorary Members of NW14. We are delighted and grateful for their support and hard work for establishing and growing the network.

Linda Hargreaves and Rocío García Carirón have worked together and developed the Erasmus + project Schools as Learning Communities in Europe: Successful Educational Actions for all (SEAS4ALL)

There is a close cooperation with the Multidisciplinary Educational Research Association (Spain), as some of the co-convenors are or have been at the executive board of AMIE. This has increased the members of AMIE attending ECER and disseminating EERA activities in Spain.


NW14 members doing research in rural education have links with journals such as Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, in which they have published a Special Issue

  • HENDERSON, R. & LÚCIO, J. (2017). "Editorial: Rural Schools As Hubs For The Socio-Educational Development Of Communities", Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 27(2), 1-5
  • Henderson, R. (2017). Building a sense of community belonging: Making mobile families welcome in a rural Australian school. Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 27(2), 18-30.
  • Lúcio, J., & Ferreira, F. I. (2017). Rural Schools and Local Development in Portugal: Rehabilitation, Participation and Socio-educational Innovation. Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 27(2), 122-135.

International Journal of Educational Psychology (IJEP) is an open access journal in for which Linda Hargreaves serves as Editorial Board member and Rocío García Carrión serves as Co-Editor. One of the paper presented this year in NW14 has been submitted to the IJEP which is becoming a high quality scientific forum to disseminate some of the NW14 contributions.

Tim Jay presented a call for book proposals for “Emerald Studies in Out-of-School Learning

Future Plans

  • Update the website.
  • Increasing our participation in Social Networks
  • Completing ongoing publications
    • Educational Research and Schooling in Rural Europe: An Engagement with Changing Patterns of Education, Space and Place
    • Contributions and coordination: SAGE/EERA Methods book: Doing Educational research: Overcoming Challenges in Practice.
  • A research proposal for ERASMUS+ project will be developed with colleagues in NW 04.


  • Rural schooling;
  • Urban schooling;
  • Place based and place conscious education;
  • Educational trajectories and transitions;
  • School-family-community links;
  • Parental and familial involvement in schools;
  • Family Education;
  • Evidence-Based Programs;
  • Positive Parenting