EERA is constantly striving to improve the effectiveness and quality of its annual conference. The Networks are a key factor in meeting this objective. They have the key role in refereeing papers. It is, therefore, important to ensure that they apply common procedures on refereeing and making decisions about papers and to ensure that Networks report properly and fully about their practices (in their annual report).

  • EERA Network should have at least three convenors, drawn from three different countries. One needs to act as the Link-Convenor, the main contact for the EERA office;
  • Link convenors meet with the Secretary General and/or the Networks’ Representative on Council at ECER to discuss policy and practice.
  • Link Convenors are invited to participate in the annual network seminar, usually taking place in Berlin (April).
  • Networks need to be active, for instance by selecting topics they want to focus on during the following conference to secure that network activities respond to the conference theme in their symposia or special panels, and advertising them in advance
  • It is vital that after each ECER, the Convenors produce an annual report about the activities of the Network at the conference and during the year. If no report is produced then this is taken as a sign that the Network is closing down and will not operate at the following ECER!