Funding of Network Activities

EERA Council has agreed to financially sponsor activities initiated by Networks.
Three funding schemes are currently available:

Network Projects, Network Season Schools & Feasability Studies for network related publications.

Network Projects are smaller activities, where no major co-funding is expected. Application dealine is: 3 November 2017. EERA Officers will examine applications ensuring that all requests are within budget.

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Network Summer Schools are courses specifically designed for capacity building and targeting at PhD Students and Emerging Researchers (Post – Doc). Besides EERA, the applying network needs to have a second partner who is willing to financially support the Season School. Applications can only be put forward after a formal Call by EERA Council. Next Deadline is 3 November 2017.

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In its January 2015 session EERA Council has decided to review and develop its publication policy. In order to include Networks in this process of exploration and to investigate in what fields new publishing options may be promising, EERA opens a new funding line.

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Please contact

Photo of Jani  Ursin

Jani Ursin

Network Representative on Council