ERGroup Objectives

The Emerging Researchers' Group aims to:

  • provide a European research community for Emerging Researchers (including those undertaking a Doctorate)
  • provide a forum for dissemination of Early Career Research at the Emerging Researchers´Conference   
  • offer support and guidance for article production via the 'Best Paper Award'
  • offer support for researchers from low GDP countries to engage with ECER.

Its main strength lies in the support it offers to 'new' researchers in providing a space for discussion and collaboration with peers across Europe. In addition, it  creates a new space in EERA which allows emerging researchers to be supported so that a strong, independent 'Emerging Researchers' forum will add to EERA's internal democratic accountability.

The Group will recruit members whose membership details will be held within the EERA database. The annual meeting is held at ECER each year; and year round contact is maintained between members through e-mail and via the network website.

The Link Convenor, elected for a fixed term by the annua group meeting, will be co-opted onto the EERA Executive for the period of their office and their travel expenses will be paid by EERA. The Convenor will be expected to represent the interests of 'new' educational researchers in Europe on Council.

Interview with Convenors at ECER 2010

Funding in Europe

The website of the grantmanship centre provides an overview on funding sources in Europe:

Join the ERG

The Emerging Researchers Group (ERG) now has a new online space for its members. That space is on LinkedIn and its called EERA Emerging Researchers' Group. This is a LinkedIn Company Page which has a Feature Group (with the same name) to which we invite you to become a member. You can see the Group in the right hand column of the Company Page or just search for it on LinkedIn.
This new space for the ERG has the purpose of being a more interactive platform where members can contact eachother directly and where there may be exchange information and resources. It will also provide information about the ERG activities.
EERA webpage will still be available ( but will not serve to register ERG members. That will only be done in LinkedIn.

Join the new ERG platform on LinkedIn

Keywords for NW 21

  • Early Career Researchers,
  • new researchers,
  • Doctoral Students