Occupation: Full-time
Place: Leuven
Apply no later than: March 31, 2017

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the KU Leuven (Belgium) invites applications for an academic position “Qualitative methodology”. This position is situated in the research unit MICAS (Methods, Individual and Cultural Differences, Affect and Social Behaviour).

Qualitative Methodology


Applicants will be required to establish an innovative research program in an area of qualitative research methodology, aimed at further developing qualitative research methods and the use of techniques of qualitative research in psychological and educational research. In this context, collaboration with other members of the research unit, the faculty and the university should be established. The candidate should be willing to engage in attracting competitive research funding. The successful candidate is expected to establish an international competitive research program, with research output at a high international level, and to supervise PhD studies in the field of qualitative methodology.

The teaching assignment will mainly include courses with regard to qualitative research methodology, within the BA and MSc programs of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences in Leuven or Kortrijk. Most of these courses are taught in Dutch. The applicant will also be required to supervise MSc theses. Actual teaching assignments will be mutually agreed upon between the applicant, the coordinator and colleagues of the research unit, the Program Director of the BA/MSc, the Vice-Dean for Education and the Dean of the Faculty.


The candidate will engage in activities of scientific and social services both within the context of the university as well as in society at large. This implies a willingness to take on managerial and policy tasks within the Faculty and availability for service to authorities, society and media. Methodological expertise is expected to be shared with other research groups, for instance by methodological consultancy, by the organization of workshops and courses, or by participating in peer review and in scientific panels.


Candidates are expected to have an excellent research potential, as evidenced by publications in international peer-reviewed journals that demonstrate expertise in the use of qualitative research techniques, in designing qualitative studies and in the epistemology  of qualitative research. Candidates are expected to have a broad interest in and knowledge of different qualitative research types. International research experience is highly appreciated.

Applicants are expected to have high-level instructional qualities and skills necessary to train and teach future bachelors and masters in the psychological and educational sciences. The successful candidate should be prepared to develop these qualities and skills further.

The applicant is also expected to have the necessary relational skills and leadership capacities to collaborate with colleagues, and to build international networks.

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