The European Educational Research Space

Is there an Emerging European Education Research Space? EERA uses this idea to describe the transnational place of work today in educational research, with its networks, policies, integrating functions and performance and mobility data. Three speakers will offer their perceptions on the emergence of this space.

Chair: Martin Lawn, EERJ Editor

Anders Hingel
European Commission, DG Education and Culture
Development of Educational Policies Unit, Brussels

Barry McGaw
Deputy Directior for Education in the Directorate for Education,
Employment, Labour an Social Affairs, OECD Paris

Goran Therborn
Director of the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

EERA - Visual History

Celebrating EERA’s 20 anniversary visual impressions from the early days up to recent events have been collected. Browse through this collection of photos for refreshing your own memories or for getting the flavor of previous events and developments.




Best Paper Award 2014

Iryna Kushnir’s paper ‘The Role of the Bologna Process in Defining Europe’ is based on critical review of literature about Europe and its recent higher education reforms, as well as on the analysis of the international Bologna Process documents since 1998.

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Petition to EC for more support of Social Sciences and Humanities

The European Sociological Association lately started an online petiton asking for more support for SSH in the European funding stratgies. You are invited to support this initative and sign in!

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Call for 5th Summer School on Health Education

The Summer School will take place June 10–13, 2015 at the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland. It is about state of the art school-based health promotion in Europe.

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Art and Science Summer School in Portugal

The Centro de Estudos Sociais, CES (University of Coimbra) is organizing a Summer School on "Art and Science: Relationships of knowing, doing, and being"

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EERA and Sheffield University announce Summer School on "Data and Educational Research"

EERA and the University of Sheffield are pleased to announce the 2015 Doctoral Research Student Summer School. We invite 70 European doctoral research students to a five day Summer School focusing on the role of data in educational research. The Summer School will be held at the School of Education, University of Sheffield from June 22 - 26, 2015.

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Emerging Researchers on LinkedIn

The Emerging Researchers' Group (ERG) now has a new online space for its members. The space is on LinkedIn and is called EERA Emerging Researchers' Group.

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Job Offers

Please find current offers here.

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Other Organisations' Events

Find a list of upcoming conferences in educational research.

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