Author(s):Manuel Cébrian (presenting), José Serrano Angulo, Daniel Cébrian

Conference:ECER 2012, The Need for Educational Research to Champion Freedom, Education and Development for All

Network:16. ICT in Education and Training

Format:Symposium Paper

Session Information

16 SES 13 A, ICT in Education: Examples of Good Practice I

Symposium, Part 1


Room:FCT - Aula 12

Chair/Discussant:Karl Steffens/ Ton Mooij


Federated E-Rubric Service to Assess University Learning

The European Space for Higher Education highlights the importance of focusing education on students’ learning. It also claims that students should achieve certain skills in a self-teaching process guided by their teachers. This approach implies demanding from students that they reflect upon and self-assess their learning, and therefore it requires that some research is conducted on new technologies that imply a greater involvement of students in education, and especially a higher commitment of students in their assessment process. Rubric evaluation is part of this conception of formative assessment. It is an evaluation method and at the same time it is a technique and an assessment management tool that calls for an improvement in specifying evaluation evidences and criteria. The current study aims to explore and assess the effect that an e-rubric can have in different university contexts (compulsory courses, elective subjects, laboratory practices, blended learning, e-learning, practicum, etc.) and in different fields of study. The current project will use as a technological tool the e-rubric developed by the University of Málaga in the RedIRIS net (, with access initially only available to the participating institutions as a previous step to free access to all universities.



Author Information

Manuel Cébrian (presenting)
Universidad de Málaga
José Serrano Angulo
Universidad de Málaga
Daniel Cébrian
Universidad de Málaga