Author(s):José Juan Barba (presenting)

Conference:ECER 2012, The Need for Educational Research to Champion Freedom, Education and Development for All

Network:14. Communities, Families and Schooling in Educational Research

Format:Symposium Paper

Session Information

14 SES 13, Dialogue and Social Transformation, Part II: Methodological Issues, Session It I

Symposium, Part 2


Room:ESI 2 - Aula 4

Chair/Discussant:Aitor Gomez/ Sandra Racionero


Using Action Research For Social Change

Action Research is a methodology for social change, across a community of practice. Action Research allows actively participating in their environments to change life situations. The key question is the involvement of everybody in research process. The action develops a loop learning cycles, which: analyzes the problem, planning solutions, implement action, and evaluated actions. The end of the cycle is the beginning of a new cycle of action research. ACOGE Research Group investigates to transform the social reality with people involved. Our principal Action Research, are: (a) Plan for a Host Immigrant Students. This news plans tailored to each school have been developed with teachers, families, and children. (b) School as Learning Community. This school had low expectations of success in students. The first change to transform the center, was opening up the participation of students, families, volunteers, researchers and academics. This year the school is a place of dreams and hope. Our school is full of children and adults learning. Together we are transforming the school, and changing the community.



Author Information

José Juan Barba (presenting)
University of Valladolid (ACOGE Research Group)