Author(s):Vibe Aarkrog (presenting), Christian Helms Jørgensen, Lorenz Lassnigg

Conference:ECER 2017

Network:02. Vocational Education and Training (VETNET)


Session Information

02 SES 01, VETNET Opening Session: Reflecting Trends and Challenges in Nordic VET-systems

VETNET Opening Session



Chair:Barbara E. Stalder


A Danish perspective on VET: current challenges and recent changes

The speech includes five elements:

First the Danish VET system will be introduced very briefly, including the organization (social partners involvement); the structure (basic and main courses and the dual system), the curriculum (learning outcome descriptions) and the pedagogy (holistic and practice-based). Secondly an account is given of the main challenges of the VET-system, the focus being on the low enrollment rate and the high dropout rate. Thirdly follows an outline of the results from Danish VET research concerning the main challenges (enrollment and dropout). Fourthly the main changes of VET in the recent reform of VET are identified, including restrictions on entry based on the students’ grades; a general and prolonged basic course; the program ‘eux’ that combines VET qualifications with general qualifications; the VET-programs for adults and eventually a focus on pedagogy and the teachers’ qualifications. Fifthly: Since the reform was brought into effect in August 2015, research has currently been documenting the implementation and effects of the reform. Based on the results of the research into the implementation and effects of the reform the fifth part of the speech points to critical issues in relation to the reform. Throughout the speech the Danish VET-system, challenges and elements in the reform will looked upon in a European perspective.



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Author Information

Vibe Aarkrog (presenting)
DPU / Aarhus Universitet
Christian Helms Jørgensen
Roskilde University, Denmark
Lorenz Lassnigg
Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS)