Author(s):Muir Houston (presenting), Ayse Keser, Kiymet Selvi

Conference:ECER 2016, Leading Education: The Distinct Contributions of Educational Research and Researchers

Network:02. Vocational Education and Training (VETNET)

Format:Symposium Paper

Session Information

02 SES 13 B, Patterns of Cooperation Between Higher Education and the World of Work



Room:Vet-Theatre 115

Chair:Vidmantas Tutlys


Financing Of Innovate Programmes Of Combining VET And HE

With Finland, Czech Republic, Germany and Scotland (differing from England) 4 of the 6 LETAE-countries don’t charge tuition fees for “normal” students; in Spain and Turkey students have to pay. But unconventional (subsuming dual study programmes or mandatory internships under conventional) cooperation between universities and enterprises are in all countries considered as an additional offer and are not covered by the basic funding of universities; additional funding is needed. This additional funding is usually project (programme)-based, assured only for a short period of some tracks and is either paid by federal bodies (for instance by projects or from adult education funds), by the companies that send their employees to the programme or by the students themselves. The first presentation will focus on the financial needs and the different solutions found in our case studies.


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Author Information

Muir Houston (presenting)
University of Glasgow
Ayse Keser
University of Anadolu
Kiymet Selvi
University of Anadolu