ECER 2015

session provided by 15. Research Partnerships in Education


15 SES 03 A
15. Research Partnerships in Education
Paper Session

Time:2015-09-08, 17:15-18:45

Room:426.Oktatóterem [C]

Chair:Elaine Hall

  1. Students´ Monitoring Butterflies (1001)

    Suzanne Kapelari, Susanne Rafolt, Johannes Ruedisser, Ulrike Tappeiner, Martin Scheuch

  2. Orchestra in Prison : A Sensitive Change in Partnership (400)

    Corinne Covez

  3. Boon Or Bane – The Role Of Facilitators In The Development Of Collaborative Education Networks (2279)

    Pierre Tulowitzki, Stephan Gerhard Huber