ECER 2008

session provided by 16. ICT in Education and Training

Poster Session; Main Conference

16. ICT in Education and Training
All Poster are presented in the two Poster Sessions of ECER 2008: - 11 September 12.15 - 13.15 and - 12 September 12.15 - 13.15

Time:2008-09-11, 12:15-13:15

Room:Poster Exhibition Area

  1. A study of primary school teacher leadership in Taiwan (773)

    Terng-Ji Sheu

  2. School development by partnership (1672)

    Katharina Jacobsson

  3. From Teaching to Reflection. A Video and Interview based Analysis. (300)

    Corinne Wyss

  4. Becoming a critical reflective teachers (1123)

    Maura Striano, Claudio Melacarne

  5. From Learning to Teaching: Sources of Teacher Personal Efficacy (1426)

    Marcos Onofre, Maria João Martins

  6. Networking in European Science Teacher Education - Presenting the Framework (469)

    Anneliese Wellensiek, Simone Abels, Markus Rehm, Anja Lembens

  7. Networking in European Science Teacher Training – Delivering Insight (693)

    Anneliese Wellensiek, Markus Rehm, Anja Lembens, Simone Abels

  8. Self-Efficacy and the Quality of Teaching (1058)

    Mirjam Kocher

  9. Developing Support Systems to Promote Student Teacher Professionalism (562)

    Mai Normak, Inge Timoštšuk

  10. How does teacher’s relationship to knowledge & learning influence his teaching practice ? (1270)

    Vincent Valérie

  11. Teaching Case and the School Management (984)

    Maria da Graça Nicoletti Mizukami, Maevi Anabel Nono

  12. The Relationship Between Canadian Children’s Out-of-school Play, Creativity, Academic Achievement, and School Behaviour (253)

    Joanne Shari Lehrer

  13. Beginning headteachers professional experience and trials encountred (1008)

    Laetitia Progin

  14. Faculty trust in secondary schools in Flanders: Effects of structural and compositional school features. (616)

    Mieke Van Houtte, Dimitri Michel Van Maele

  15. Teacher Induction, Novice Teachers and Their Supporters (TISSNTE) (713)

    Stephen James Bartlett

  16. Teachers’ views on educational research (937)

    Niyazi OZER, Kadir Beycioglu

  17. An Evaluation of a Professional Development Program Designed to Improve Teaching and Learning in Physical Education at Elementary School Level (144)

    Frances M. Murphy, Michael O'Leary

  18. From teaching to learning in higher education: towards an approaches to quality of education in Iran (111)

    Bakhtiar Shabani Varaki

  19. Inquiring the impact of educational research on teaching practices (180)

    Manuel Torralbo, Vallejo Mónica, Elisabet Díaz-Costa, Antonio Fernández-Cano

  20. Assessment of the educational level achieved and its usefulness in the process of incorporation to labour market of graduates in Pedagogy from the University of Oviedo-Spain. (1239)

    José-Miguel Arias, Joaquin-Lorenzo Burguera

  21. Specific and general competencies of graduates from Swedish speech and language pathology education (742)

    Anita Maria McAllister, Anna Cristina Margareta Samuelsson

  22. University As Site of Citizenship (780)

    Lopez Atxurra J.A, M.A De La Caba Collado

  23. Self-regulated learning and academic gains in students of public Higher Education: an Portuguese case study (1144)

    José Bessa Oliveira

  24. Conceptual change through processual change (949)

    Astrid Wasmann-Frahm

  25. Educational design for learning communities dwelling with technologies (837)

    Johanna Pöysä

  26. Handling money and shortage of money - dealing with indebtedness (285)

    Dorothee Schaffner, Elisa Streuli

  27. ICT and Learning: a Dialogic Approach (1241)

    Rune Herheim

  28. Individual Learning Profiles: Learning in a Multimedia Learning Environment (976)

    Karin Prof. Dr. Stachelscheid, Marcus Kohnen

  29. Investigating Students’ Perceptions of Actual and Preferred Classroom Environment in Australian Secondary Schools (368)

    Jeffrey Dorman

  30. Step by Step inside the Project - A study on the school intelligence (1400)

    Maria Isabel Candeias

  31. The CPV Video Study: analysing teaching and learning in Czech lower-secondary classes (868)

    Tomáš Janík, Marcela Janíková, Petr Najvar, Veronika Najvarová

  32. UPGradE” – Graduate School of Learning and Teaching Processes at the University of Koblenz-Landau. Linking result- and process-oriented educational research (932)

    Heidrun Johanna Ludwig

  33. Virtual Learning environeament: What students think about it? (237)

    Maria de Fátima Goulão

  34. Promoting Family-School Partnerships in Primary School: Parents’ Expectations (939)

    Raquel-Amaya Martinez-González, Lucía Álvarez-Blanco, María del Henar Pérez-Herrero

  35. The teacher: ‘free for use’. A comparison between Socrates and the prostitute (1140)

    Jan Masschelein, Ilse Geerinck