Bolzano, South Tyrol’s Capital City

Bolzano, with its 100.000 inhabitants and perfect combination of Northern European and Mediterranean lifestyle, is South Tyrol’s capital city; a place where history becomes visible through a variety of artistic, architectonic and culinary traditions. For centuries, Bolzano has been the privileged point of focus for commercial exchange between what we today know as Italy, Austria and Germany.

Taste Bolzano

That different cultures have left their indelible mark on the city’s history is most evident in the richness of Bolzano’s culinary tradition. This is especially so in the city center, which is filled with traditional restaurants like “Forst”, “Hopfen”, “Paulaner”, “Vögele” and “Fink”. All of them are within a 2 – 3 minute walk from the ECER venue. Enter one of these places to enjoy not only an extraordinary meal but also the richly decorated interior dating back to the middle ages.

Each season, dishes made of authentic flavors fill the air with their aromas. During ECER don’t miss an opportunity to experience the ancient Tradition called “Törggelen”. You’ll eat fresh, roasted chestnuts and Speck (South Tyrolian bacon) and will drink grape Most and the season’s fresh, young wine.

Experience Bolzano

In addition to the old part of town, with its many attractions such as the arcades and the fruit and vegetable marktet, Bolzano offers a variety of trails for those who wish to take a walk without getting too far away from the city center: try the path and visit Castle Runkelstein, situated just 2,5 km from the city center

Or take the cable car to Renon in order to enjoy in just 15 minutes breathtaking views over the UNESCO World Heritage mountain range called “Dolomites”.

By the way: there are a lot of small family hotels and B&Bs in Renon
( For further information on the city and its surroundings visit the local Tourist Board’s website at

On a Larger Scale…

If you’d like to experience South Tyrol, its culture, architecture, outdoor activities like hiking in autumn, mountaineering etc, there are sheer endless opportunities.

Your best entry point is here:

On this website you’ll find information on all highlights in autumn, be it culinary, cultural, rural or urban, upcoming events and much more…

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