EERA participates in European projects and international partnerships. Its current focus is on the upcoming European framework programme, 'Horizon 2020'.

EERA is one of the few SSH associations engaged in The 'Initiative for Science in Europe' (ISE).

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Upon instigation of EERA and its members, the University of Hamburg under supervision of Professor Ingrid Gogolin has successfully submitted a project entitled European Educational Research Quality Indicators (EERQI) in the 7th Framework Programme of European Union.

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EERA is a founding member of WERA. ECER 2009 hast hosted the inaugural meeting of WERA, and in 2015 the WERA focal meeting was co-organised with ECER 2015.

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EERA has been collaborating with a number of partners, among them ISE and EASSH, in order to highlight the importance of SSH research for European research in general and for the EU's latest framework programme 'Horizon 2020' in particular.

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EERA Constitution

Please note, as EERA is organised as a German eingetragener Verein, the German version of the constitution is legally binding. 

Constitution (English)

Constitution (German)

General Regulations (English)

EERA - Visual History

Celebrating EERA’s 20th anniversary in 2014, visual impressions from the early days up to recent events have been collected. Browse through this collection of photos for refreshing your own memories or for getting the flavor of previous events and developments.


EERA is a founding member of WERA, the World Educational Research Association. EERA seeks to nurture world-wide research partnerships through IRNs, WERA's international research networks. Being a WERA member also allows EERA to promote a European perspective in all fields of Educational Research around the globe.

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