Joining EERA

Existing National or Regional Associations of Educational Research who wish to join the EERA are invited to contact the EERA President (or the Council Member responsible for advising associations on membership). Only general educational research association will be considered as members.
A general educational research association is defined as an association which addresses the broad field of educational research drawing on multiple forms of enquiry.

A full application for membership will include:

  • a letter of motivation for bringing forward the application
  • a copy of the constitution of the prospective member association (in English)
  • information on membership eg criteria for membership, number of academic researchers, number of education professionals
  • evidence of research activity eg details of association research seminars, research funding and journal(s); list of research publications of office holders
  • the EERA Members fact sheet with a list of contacts like President, Treasurer, Office Staff and the nominated contact person for EERA/future representative of the association in the EERA Council plus their period of office and the web address of the Association
  • a 5 - 10 line paragraph on the association for inclusion on the EERA website.
  • a description of the association's policy on promoting ethical educational research

The EERA Council will assign a “reviewer” from a neighbouring association represented in EERA council to comment on the application.
The Applicants will have the opportunity to present their case to the EERA council meeting after the ECER conference. While Council welcomes if associations follow the invitation to present to Council it is not seen as pre-requisite for accepting a membership application.

Candidate Members

For countries where no general educational research association has been established so far, other legal entities, with a reference to general educational research e.g. university with a pedagogical department, may apply for candidate membership.

As soon as a national, regional or supra-regional corporation for general educational research of this country has joined the association, the membership of the candidate member from the country concerned shall end.

Candidate members shall support the set up of an general educational research association within their country and be exempted from the obligation to pay fees for a period of up to 4 years; relevant details shall be decided upon by the Council.

Affiliate Partners

EERA can recognize educational research associations outside Europe and non-governmental organization active in the field of general educational research as EERA partners. Such partners and EERA will sign a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the mutual interests, areas of cooperation and rights and duties of EERA and the partner. Such rights might include entrance to ECER for reduced registration fees and the organization paying a partner fee.

Principles for Admission of Further Members

In September 2012 the General Assembly (“Council”) has agreed upon the following principles concerning membership and admission of further members according to § 4 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Constitution:

 1. A national, regional or supra-regional organisation for general educational research will, until a further decision is taken, not be admitted as a new member of EERA e.V., if another national, regional or supra-regional organisation has already been admitted as a member from the country of domicile stated by the applicant organisation

 2. National and regional organisations for general educational research that are already members of EERA e.V. are invited to network on a national level with other national or regional organisations from their countries of domicile, whether these organisations are members or not. They are obliged to work toward joint membership under the umbrella of a national organisation for general educational research.

 3. National, regional or supra-regional organisations for general educational research from countries with no existing national, regional or supra-regional organisation that is a member of EERA e.V., are invited to apply for membership.

 4. The membership status of organisations that are already a member of EERA e.V. will not be affected by this decision. For candidate members § 4 paragraph 1 sentences 3 and 4 of the Constitution is applied.”

Current Members

in order of countries:

Armenia (ERAC)
Austria (ÖFEB)
Belarus (IE)
Belgium (VFO and ABC-Educ)
Croatia (CERA)
Cyprus (CPA and KEB-DER)
Czech Republic (CAPV)
Denmark (NERA)
Estonia (EAPS)
Finland (FERA and NERA)
France (AECSE)
Germany (DGfE)
Greece (HES)
Hungary (HERA)
Iceland (NERA)
Ireland (ESAI)
Italy (SIPED)
Kazakhstan (KERA)
Lithuania (LERA)
Luxemburg (Candidate)
Malta (MERA)
Netherlands (VOR)
Norway (NERA)
Poland (PTP)
Portugal (SPCE and CIDInE)
Romania (ARCE)
Russia (RERA)
Serbia (DIOS)
Slovakia (SERS)
Slovenia (SLODRE)
Spain (AIDIPE and SEP)
Sweden (NERA)
Switzerland (SSRE)
Turkey (EAB and EARDA)
Ukraine (UERA)
United Kingdom (BERA and SERA)